Procedure For Enabling DIM to Autorun on Windows XP When Media is Inserted Into Your Card Reader


You will need to install Microsoft’s TweakUI utility. This can be downloaded from here.


Run TweakUI, and navigate to My Computer / AutoPlay / Drives.

Make sure that autoplay is checked for the drive to which your card reader maps.




Next, navigate to My Computer / AutoPlay / Types and make sure that “Enable Autoplay for removable drives” is checked.



Next, navigate to My Computer / AutoPlay / Handlers.

Click the “Create” button.



You will be creating a new autoplay handler for DIM.


Type “DIM” in the description field.


Don’t touch the “using” field.




Click the “Change Program…” button, and navigate to your \windows\system32 directory and select the cmd.exe file.

Note that after you do this, the “Program” should indicate “Windows Command Processor.” (as shown).


Change the “Args” field to “/C” followed by the full path of your DIM jar file that you downloaded. Make sure that this is the exact path with the exact filename for the DIM jar file. You can optionally add a “-p” (as shown) to the end of the string, this will cause DIM to begin processing automatically (as opposed to having to click DIM’s “process” button). If you do this, it is strongly recommended that you enable DIM’s “show confirm process dialog” option.


Note: If the path to your DIM jar file contains spaces (as is the case in the example), you must surround it with quotes, as shown.


If you downloaded DIM’s icon file, you can click “Change Icon” and set the icon for the handler (this is optional).


Under “Supported Media” check “Digital images”.




Click OK on the Autoplay Handler dialog and click OK to close TweakUI.


Next, from the “start” menu, under “My Computer”, right-click on the drive which references your card reader and click on the AutoPlay tab.

Select “Pictures” from the pull-down and enable the “Select an action to perform” option.

Scroll down, and select DIM among the choices and then click OK.




You are now done!

Whenever you insert a memory card to your card reader, and the card contains pictures, DIM will autorun.


Note for Raw File Shooters:

If you insert a memory card containing only CR2 (raw) files, windows will not recognize these as "pictures" and therefore the autorun you just setup will not start. To fix this, you must register the CR2 filetype as image files. This registry file will do this for you. Right-click on the link, save it to your desktop, and then double-click it to install the settings in your registry.


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